The Nationals 2012

We had a really fantastic Nationals event at Pitsford this year, twenty two Lightnings out on the water with the ladies and younger helms doing particularly well. Lee Bratley and Emma Dodds did their usual stunning stuff with the social events with everyone packing up on Sunday saying it was one of the most enjoyable NATS ever. We will look to build on this next year.

Events Details Here: RACE REPORTS and RESULTS

The AGM 2012

We had a good AGM on the Saturday evening with lots of lively discussion, which is all very helpful for the small committee that help manage the CA. Caroline will provide some minutes which will be posted on the website shortly.

There were a couple of important decisions made at the AGM. Firstly, after some debate it was decided to continue with a stand at the Dinghy Show, albeit more membership support is required setting up and breaking down the stand.

We have decided to make the Rum and Mince Pie event at West Oxford the last event of the season, rather than the first, so the series runs within the calendar year. For 2012, we will include both Rum and Mince Pie events within the 2011-2012 series.

We intend to have slightly few events in the series next year. With fourteen or more we are spread a bit thinly, so plan to organise a series with twelve events for 2013.

We have decided to discontinue with the FLASH newsletter. With the website being updated weekly and FlashBytes, the cost of producing the newsletter and the lack of content from members means it is no longer viable. We will make more use of the membership pages on the website.

Sailing the Series

Chris Abela, our sailing events co-ordinator, has provided this little FlashBytes guide to the Open Series, hope it encourages a few new people to give it a try.

A Beginners Guide to the Travellers Series.

Would the travellers series suit me?
Do not ever feel that the travellers series is not for you. Those that are worried they will not be good enough or that they do not know enough about racing are always encouraged to take part regardless. Even if they just join the battle for the back of the fleet they will find it fun and not too tricky. Those who feel they are too good will be surprised also. We have some very experienced helms at the front end. There truly is something for everyone and we are all great friends on and off the water.

How does it all work?
Each of our opens can be sailed as an individual competition with prizes given for that particular meeting. But any open races that you take part in will count towards the travellers series. However, you must compete in at least 12 races to be eligible to win the series. You could, in theory, do this by travelling to 4 or more opens.

If you take part in more than 12 races it is only your best 12 results that will count. So the more races you do the more chance you have of getting a better result at the end of the year. But if you come 1st 12 times you can sit back and put your feet up! That is you done!

How many races are there per open?
There are typically 3 or 4 races in a 1 day event and 5 or 6 races in a 2 day event. We only count the best 3 races from each individual open.

The scoring is not too confusing. If you visit the events page of the Lightning website you can look at the travellers series results for the last 3 seasons and get a feel for how it all works. And if you have any further questions you may email me at -

Do be sure to join us at an event in the near future or start your own campaign at one of the 12 opens of the 2013 series. Dates for these will be announced by the end of this year.

Above all, novices are strongly encouraged to join in!

Best Regards


Next Events

So the next potential days to give it ago are:

Manor Park SC - 8th Sept
Cookham Reach SC - 15th Sept
Up River YC - 29/30th Sept
Haversham SC - 13th Oct
Dorchester SC - 27th Oct
West Oxford SC - 10th Nov

We always hold a little Class Dinner after the Rum and Mince Pie event at West Oxford, although by dinner we mean a very informal meal down the pub. Everyone is welcome, whether sailing the event or not, it is a very social evening.

Events Details Here: EVENTS INFO