Waking up From Winter

Waking up From Winter

Well, it appears we are all waking up from our winter hibernation (not that it was much of a winter this year, thank goodness).

Boats wanted and sold are moving once again as we near the start of the season. LN39 has sold this week and LN309 which was up on eBay has also moved on, however, there is more interest than ever.

I’ve spoken to half a dozen people this week all looking for good value boats between £500 and £1,000, mostly around Oxford and the Midlands area.

My suggestion, if you’re looking for a Lightning and there is nothing quite suitable on the ‘For Sale’ page, then post on the Forum. People are generally minded to look in their local clubs and get people not sailing to consider selling their boats on, so post what you’re looking for and someone is likely to point you in one direction or another.

Prep is well underway for the DINGHY SHOW in March and this year we’re planning our best ever stand with the new SR Rig on show, examples of the new rudder blade, the latest rig setups and advice galore, so do pop bye for a chat and a look at all the new stuff on offer.