We have around six or seven people actively looking for good Lightning’s at the moment, mostly good sailable boats below the £1,000 mark, with a reasonably good sail included in the price. For this price range you can generally expect a trolley, but not always a combi, or road base trailer.

Most other fittings on the boat tend to be fairly cheap and mast, rudders and centerboards last an age. A new Dacron sail is currently £337 and Dacron is coming back in fashion somewhat. A Mylar sail is a little more expensive at £365.

Age is not a very good indication of condition, the boats were very well built and older, well maintained boats are very competitive, just take a look at the open event results tables, older boats compete very well with the very latest boats, albeit their cockpit layouts are not so modern looking.

Most boats will come up for sale on the website, but a few owners place averts on apollodock or auction boats on eBay.

This does tend to be a quiet time for boat sales generally, not only for the Lightning’s but all classes, March typically sees a pick up in activities as everyone gets ready for the new season.

If you weren’t aware, there is a Class Association members section of the website, you are only able to access this area if you are a CA Member (an extra tab will appear in the main menu for CA members) There is lots of advice and info about buying second-hand boats, common faults and repair schemes etc as well as advice and info on sailing Lightning’s. CA membership is only £16.00 and you get a great events series, our FLASH quarterly newsletter, the Yearbook and all the help and advice you could ever want.

I’ve started this blog, for people looking for boats, all website registered users should be able to post comments below, indicating what you’re looking for and where, I hope this helps.

I’ve pulled all the current posts and e-mails I know of about ‘Lightning’s Wanted’ into the comments below, just to get us started. If anyone is struggling for contact details, try using private messaging on the forum, or contact me and I’ll pass details on to the other party.