The Dinghy Show and Other Stuff

The Dinghy Show and Other Stuff

Well, just a week to go and we’ll all be heading off to the RYA Dinghy Show. It kind of starts the new sailing season, so seven days to go and we are up and running again. Caroline, Sue and I will be setting up on Friday, so hopefully this time next week (7:30) I’ll be heading home with everything looking good for the opening of the show Saturday morning.

We have some great stuff on the stand this year, one of the very latest new boats, the SR Rig, the new rudder blade and lots of other stuff, so there will be lots to see.

We’ve had a great run-in to the start of the season too, boats have been flying off the ‘For Sale’ page and few have been available for more than a couple of weeks. Spare kit too has been in demand, particularly fairly decent sails, anything Lightning can be advertised on the website, so if you have spare kit you want to sell, just drop me a note.

Anyway, hope to see you all at the show, if you are looking for more details there is a page here: