Counting Down

Counting Down

Apologies for it being a little quiet these last few weeks, work and other things keep getting in the way, which is all rather irritating really.

Anyway just a couple of weeks until we get underway proper, with the first training day at Haversham on the 24th, although reading Simon’s post about sailing at Up River this weekend, it seems everyone is out and on the water already. Eight Lightnings sailing at Up River on Sunday is a very strong turnout in a fleet of a dozen or so.

Boats are still very much sought after and remain in short supply, just LN66 and LN402 for sale right now, so if you can persuade anyone with a Lightning just sitting around your dinghy park to put it up for sale that would be extremely helpful.

Judging by the levels of interest and activity we are seeing already, we look to be in for another cracking season, I can’t remember this much interest so early on in the season before. If you are new to Lightnings, you will find a very friendly welcome at our events and open meetings. Help and advice are in abundant supply and we are very polite on the water, no shouting and screaming, newcomers and the less experienced get lots of support and encouragement so everyone can enjoy their sailing, so do think out popping along to an event, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you do.

Anyone need any help etc, then just post on the forum.

Have a great season everyone.