So, Just a week to go!!!

So, Just a week to go!!!

Got LN407 out of winter storage today, well pulled her out the garage anyway and let her see some sunshine as we got ready for the training event next Saturday. We’re all packed and ready to go.

Boats are still in great demand, but LN30 and LN116 have just come up for sale today. LN30 is located at Hillingdon, so if it is not already sold can be viewed there on the 1st April at our first open.

LN30 is up for sale at £650 with combi trailer and two decent sails. She has been well looked after, so is worth a look. Photo on the For Sale page.

LN116 is at Crawley Mariners YC, another boat is good condition with two good sails and new rigging, also with a combi trailer. Details on the For Sale page.

LN66 Also still available I think are LN66. No photo I’m afaid but give Chris a call. Chris is a Contender sailor and did a fair amount of work on LN66 so another good buy I think.

LN402 is still up for sale as well I believe. This is John’s own boat, with all the latest kit and rigging, lightly sailed mostly just the open events in 2010 and 2011. Again photo on the For Sale page.