A Lightning and Some Pink Gloves

Now, i don’t want to sound as though i’m taking this sailing malarkey too seriously (Bearing in mind the pink boat and rather lovely pink gloves – that really do bring out the colour in my eyes by the way), BUT, i did some <<cough>> ‘training’ on saturday!! ….i know, i know, kind of against the rules and i fully expect to be denounced as a potential cheat, but the water was too inviting….the sun was just nice and the breeze seemed just to o lovely to turn down.
Wish i hadn’t bothered.
It was crap.
Had a couple of hours sticking to upwind stuff in about 7/8 knots of wind?…VERY shifty, VERY on/off and i actually did manage to capsize in that!! :shock:
Anyway, a very frustrating day and, don’t worry, ive proved to myself that no amount of new boat and/or ‘training’ will make me a threat to anyone above around 15th place in any races this year :lol:

Yesterday, however, well spot on LN weather…or should that be spot on ‘Lee’ weather? Around 10knots, lightly gusting and – VERY importantly (and rarely) at MPSC – consistent.
So, the first race was greyer than a grey thing in grey street – contrasting beautifully with the hull of “All the Gear..” (Well, it was London fashion week recently and i’m now inspired) Had a great start – but as usual was mid-to-back-of-the-fleet by the first mark!
Anyway, i used this race to practice some ‘Rooster Steve’ tactics from his latest DVD….which, not having a player on the boat, meant i had to try and remember a few bits…had a great race-long battle with a Solo. Swapping places, inches apart most of the time – until the wily old goat luffed me onto a bouy – which turned out to be my ‘water’ but i hadn’t called it! DOH! ….anyway, finished 7th from 11 on this one, but only about 10seconds or so behind the Solo so i was actually pleased with that as i was sort of trying a few tactics etc rather than worry too much about results.

Sun came out after lunch, so i had to choose a pair of shades to match the outfit! What a dilemma…..almost late for the start as a result. Though, to be honest it was the ‘Getting stuck in the trees after getting caught out by the current going through the gap’ moment that REALLY did for me! Being towed out by a patrol boat wasn’t the most impressive way to put fear into the heart of your opponents huh??

Made an incredible start!!! Oh i took the plaudits for a perfectly timed and audacious switch onto Port right on the hooter, i would say it was Olympic talent but in all honestly i switched because i was about to collide with the committee boat and didn’t want to scratch 409!, as i tacked, the wind veered and favoured Port perfectly!!!! ……went over at least 15metres ahead of the fleet!………and still didn’t get to the mark first! :roll:
Anyway, this was a great race.
Whilst Alex/Lewis headed off in their Lark – gaining a huge lead in first – i battled with an Ent, a laser and a GP, with another GP in the distance a possibility on handicap.
Some very brave inside-at-the-mark overtakes: “I bought her to race, i’m not scared!” moments saw some great battles and, somehow, 3 of us picked up some bizzarre breeze on the final lap to pass the stubborn Ent and catch up a Merlin-Rocket.
Some (very comfortable) hard hiking and good positioning saw me take Third on handicap but also managing to beat the Merli-Rocket, GP, Laser and Ent on the water! Well pleased with that.
Then i fell out on the deep part of our launching beach. Classy.