Mid-Event Update

Mid-Event Update

Next Event
A couple of weeks until our next event at Broxbourne on the 2nd June so a little update in between time.

New Photos
I’ve posted up a couple more photos from Cotswold and there are more on the way. These are combined with the Oxford photos as we only have half a dozen at present. Nevertheless these are some excellent images and nice action shots of the fleet.

Boats for Sale
LN82 has come up for sale today, another nice looking boat at a good price, based in Huddersfield. Take a look at the ‘For Sale’ page for more details. As far as I know we still have LN402, LN157, and now LN82 available, albeit they are quite spread around in Lymington, Scotland and Huddersfield respectively.

North Norfolk Week
Remember folks we have series Class Starts on the first weekend of North Norfolk Week at Hunstanton. You need to book your slot for this as boat numbers are limited at Hunstanton. So if you are going to North Norfolk Week or just going to the first weekend get you place booked asap. details here: North Norfolk Week

With just over 12 weeks to go until the Nationals, I’ll start winding up the Nats Pages with details and contacts etc. This year we are going to try some team racing, with the Silver Fleet helms (slow) paired, with the Gold Fleet helms (fast), for a joint prize. The basic idea is the fast guys will provide some one2one coaching to the slower members of the fleet, so if you want some good one2one coaching for the weekend get along to the Nats. You can make plans with your team, socialising at our center of activities, Faulty Tent (sorry I mean Lee Towers), glass of red in hand of course.

Details of the Gold Fleet are posted up, we are not quite sure how we will pair people up yet, but it is likely to be done once we are all there, rather than try and pre-plan this.