The Lord Birkett – Chris and Lee

The Lord Birkett – Chris and Lee

A note from Chris,

Well, what an amazing weekend. 2 long distance races. Saturday’s took me 3 and a half hours and I came 62nd out of 215 boats. Sunday’s took me 5 hours in very light winds. Lee and I had a photo finish and after 5 hours on the water, he beat me by about 6 inches!!! I came 37th out of 215 boats overall and Lee a respectable 68th. We did the Lightning fleet proud. Onshore, there was a beer tent, jazz and rock bands, people partying and dancing all night and a lot of booze. The camping field turned into a Glastonbury type mud pit. Basically, a damn good laugh and some amazing sailing in spectacular scenery. We all felt 18 again. I even got out of bed after only 2 hours sleep to go and party some more!

Very friendly club and really professional

Plenty of interest in the Lightning and we got some very good results.

We need to promote this one!