Days to go until the NATS

NATS – Yep, countdown is ticking away and we have just days to go until the NATS, eleven to be precise. Hope everyone who wants to camp has booked in with the Club, there are details and contact info on the NATS pages. There are also accommodation recommendations on the Club website too, together with lots of other details about sailing at Pitsford.

The club has an automatic entry gate which needs a code. I’ve posted this in the CA members page for reference. Any non members coming along drop me an email, or just ring the club when you are on the way, failing that just press the buzzer next to the key pad on the gate.

For those coming along on Saturday racing starts at 12.00, but there will be a good crowd of us there on Friday, most plan to be there early enough to be on the water in the afternoon, all that extra much needed practice time, well for me anyway.

Hunstanton Report – is also posted up this evening, another missive from Simon and Lee and as always a great read.