Well, it’s here, I’ll be there around mid morning, hopefully without any rain in tow.

Weather is looking good (for me anyway) and Lee is threatening to wear his ‘pink’ shorts, I’m sure that is just a racing tactic to put the rest of us off!!!

Club gate code is on the CA members page, but just press the buzzer if you haven’t got it to hand, they will eventually respond.

AGM is organised for Saturday evening and to encourage you to attend a few bottles wine and beer will be on hand and open, chairman first and all that. We’ve a few meaty topics to debate, including the Dinghy Show, the future for FLASH, next years open programme and Subs levels for next year.

We are also in need of a new newsletter/yearbook editor, as Rupert can no longer do this. Many thanks to Rupert for his help, but we need a replacement and no, I didn’t break this one.

Hope to see everyone over the weekend and anyone not sailing is very welcome to pop along for a chat, questions and to look at the boats etc. Bring your kit and we’ll get you a sail too. Here’s to a great weekends sailing.