News and Updates

Hi All,

Apologies for the slow updates this week, we are away on holiday in the U.S. and things have been busy with committee matters too, meaning I’m not so up to speed with news etc. Anyway quite a lot to update everyone.

Firstly the delayed series results will be updated shortly I hope, we have not yet included the results from Up River, but that should soon be resolved.



Dorchester Open
Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event as the Club is struggling to provide sufficient support on the day. We don’t plan to try and re-schedule at this late stage and this far into the season, so this is a cancellation.

Remaining Events
The cancellation of Dorchester means we have two events remaining in this series. Haversham next Saturday, the 13th October, and then the final event of the year and the series, the Rum and Mince Pie at West Oxford on Saturday the 10th November. This is actually the second R&MP this series as we have included this one to bring the whole series within the calendar year. This means the first event of the new series will be Hillingdon sometime in April 2013.

NORs The Rum & Mince Pie – West Oxford SC
We have posted up the Notice of Racing for the last event of the season, The Rum and Mince Pie at West Oxford SC.

Class Dinner
This has become a recent tradition, so we intend to have a Class Dinner (well a meal down the pub anyway) after the Rum and Mince Pie event at West Oxford. This is a very informal affair and everyone is welcome; those sailing and those spectating, CA members and non-members alike, partners, family, the dog!!! it is one of those occasions to chat sailing and Lightning’s in relaxed good company.

This year Caroline has arranged a great deal with the Windrush Pub, which happens to be directly opposite The Laurels B&B for anyone needing to stay over on the Saturday. They are offering a Carvery for £8.50, or the Carvery and pudding for £12.50. This is all per head of course.

If you are attending, could you please let Caroline know, so we can give numbers to the pub, we had twenty odd last year, so I’m hoping we do even better this year. Lee & Emma and Val and I are already booked into the Laurels on the Saturday evening and boats can be left overnight at the Club.

You can find all the details here: CLASS DINNER

New Boats
John has a couple of new orders for new boats so we will hopefully see some new helms with new boats in the new season, the second hand market remains very buoyant, with most boats selling in weeks if not days on occasion.

So all in all a busy and exciting end to the season and things are very tight at the top of the table, so it’s still all to play for in these last couple of events. Good Sailing Everyone.