The Rum & Mince Pie

The Rum & Mince Pie

Back home after holidays, so updates back to normal.

Our next and last event of the year is the now famous, or should I say infamous Rum & Mince Pie at West Oxford SC on Saturday the 10th November. This is really enjoyable, very light-hearted close to our season and as you will see in the Forum, WOSC are busy getting all their boats out for the event. Not sure if this is helms borrowing boats, or boats borrowing helms!!!

We follow the R&MP with our little trip down the Pub for a bit of a celebration of the end of the season. All the details can be found on the events pages and you need to drop Caroline a little note so we can give the pub an idea of numbers. As I’ve previously said everyone is welcome, whether you’re sailing or just want to pop along for a bit of a social; friends, partners, significant other and kids are all welcome.

Other News: We continue to do great work building the Boat Register and Clubs Directory with Mike doing sterling job in and about some dinghy parks. It is not easy to identify the older Lightnings with all the covers on. The new boats from 400 onwards have a 14 digit HIN number which is engraved on the transom. Digits 8-10 are the hull number. The older boats have their hull number painted inside the forward bow tank, so you have to remove the front hatch and look inside with a torch to see the number, it is normally on the right-hand side.

Work is well under way on the events schedule for next year. Unfortunately Chris cannot continue as our sailing co-ordinator for the next season, so this role is being picked up by Paul White. Many thanks to Chris for his sterling work in this role these last couple of years and Thanks to Paul for picking up the task and carrying it forwards.

We are planning a similar looking season, albeit with a few less events, of course feedback is always welcome, either on the Forum, or directly to me or Paul.

Hope to see everyone at the R&MP.