Well, we end the season on a high, with a great event at West Oxford to finish the series and a pretty successful series it has been too. We’ll post up more details and data as soon as we can compiled all the info.

On another front we’ve had no second-hand boats for sale for awhile now, the market for LN’s remains very keen indeed, even the Orion SRD has now been sold. Mark Giles designed and built some very good and well regarded boats, a tradition John Claridge continues with the Lightnings.

Details of the Dinghy Show are just firming up, so we’ll update the relevant pages with information on the 2013 show as soon as we can. I’m sure it will attract lots of attention following the great success of our Olympic sailing team.

Already some of our youngsters are talking about the Bloody Mary pursuit race at Queen Mary’s in January. Stephen and Alex have started a thread on the Forum, if interest develops we’ll post up some details as a ‘just for fun’ event.

Paul continues to work on next year’s series, which is almost complete. It looks similar to this year with a few little interesting twists and turns we hope. Details will be posted as soon as the final couple of events are firmed up.

It will be subs renewal time soon and this year you can complete the membership form and seen to Sue with a cheque, or just send the form and pay by bank transfer straight into the LN account. I’ll put the details in the Membership page and Members area soon.

Anyway, hope everyone is starting to relax for our closed season, whether you’re planning a bit of hibernation, or sailing though the winter, wherever I hope you enjoy it.

Best Regards