Competition Results

Hi folks,

John and Robbie has very kindly judged our little competition and donated the prizes. Here’s John and Robbies’ results and comments. The coaching points are also pretty useful so take a look again at thet video with these points in mind, I say again the Hat is staying!!!




A lot of good points were made in all the answers submitted to the competition. We’ve extracted what we think would be most helpful to aid you in your quest for Lightning stardom (Wayne). Indeed the advice is probably relevant to everybody to a greater or lesser degree.

After much debate we’ve decided that Alex Baxter should be awarded first prize of the watch and the others a Little Hawk MKII indicator which they can pick up from the Lightning stand at the Dinghy Show.


“At 2:42 you are going on a broad reach but you don’t have your sail out … On the same leg at 2:52 you have your Cunningham on which has made creases in your sail.”
Alex Baxter

“….forget the lopsided boat, don’t worry about the lack of enough kicker at times, it’s not about sitting too far back, I wouldn’t even mention the over-tacking at times….I mean, I’m a fine one to talk……Personally I think the biggest crime being committed are ones against fashion – Gok Wan would be apoplectic if he could see that hat…”
Lee Bratley

“(At) 0:00 Boat allowed to windward – dirty air. This is a constant theme throughout the video… (at) 1:20 Pink has sailed through you sailing higher and faster – suggests you need to be paying more attention to the 5 essentials. Once he has passed, you are then sitting in his dirty wind – tack off as soon as possible to find a lane of clear air.”
Rupert Whelan

“In the first bit, he is not keeping the boat flat, but is letting it lean over to leeward, in comparison to the boat overtaking him which is much more level. It is also obvious that he’s got a hidden outboard motor on his boat as you can clearly hear it buzzing in the background! … Annoyingly, although he was making all these faults, he still beat me by quite a way!”
Bryan Westley

“ Be more aggressive and don’t just let them past (other boats on reaches and runs), luff up and protect your wind… I cannot believe sailing on your knees is that comfortable and not the ideal position.  Sit on the side, you will be able to feel the boat through your bottom and also be able to react better if/when change in conditions.”
Caroline Key

“If I hadn’t known it was Wayne, I might have thought it was me! … In no order of terribleness
1.      Sitting too far back so that the transom digs in
2.      Heeling the boat too far to leeward
3.      Not getting straight onto the new course after a tack.
4.      Allowing people to sail above him, to take his wind.
5.      Not heeling to windward on the run”
Richard Watts

“Buoyancy aid far too dull, must find him a brightly coloured one so we can see him coming and don’t start me on the hat…… The rifle man pose in the boat is an interesting one. Maybe for a quick shot of anyone who crosses on port too close! … the first tack at 2:15;
1.       too much rudder,
2.       no steering through the tack,
3.       no roll,
4.       too slow getting across,
5.       too much course variation,
6.       no pump down to accelerate (because no roll)”
Simon Hopkins

“ 1.21: letting Lee get past – need I say more?! … While there is an ongoing debate about how far forward is far enough at the moment Wayne does seem to sit further inside his boat and not as far forward as other helms.  In these clips he often seems focused within the boat and not looking outside at the course and other helms.”
Emma Dodd

I hope you enjoyed this little game, I guess I’d better fix some of these things, new sail coming up too, that must surely make me faster, I’m having go-faster stripes fitted, failing that a motor!!!