Wow… what a start to our season

Did we have a good weekend or what!!! Twenty One boats turned out for the Training Day, with some really expert help provided by Paul, Robbie and Simon, we even had a session on following the ‘Rules’ quite a novel concept for the LN’s, but there certainly was a lot less bumping around the marks today with everyone thinking ahead about what and where they could properly go, all done with our usual good manners of course.

There is lots of video of the training sessions, so once edited and voiced over, we should have some excellent traning and coaching material on the website. I’ll let everyone know when we get this posted up.

After a really nice dinner down the pub last evening, today was the first racing event of the year with an amazing twenty three boats on the water. The coaching clearly had an effect, becuase it was proably the closest racing we have seen. Pretty much the whole fleet was together around the majority of the courses, with everyone really mixing it up, and we did that without a single ‘raft’ around any mark today – Remarkable.

There is a summary report and top positions on the Events page. Full results will following shortly.