Signs of Spring

Well it seems Spring has finally arrived, at least in the South East that is. We’ve had excellent bank holiday weather for the most part. Saturday was a bit iffy early on, but super sailing weather on Sunday and Monday.

So, the pending good weather has raised interest levels as usual. LN257 sold this week and I understand from Roy there were a good few enquiries chasing the boat, which is all very encouraging.

If you sell, or indeed, buy a boat that is advertised on the For Sale page, can you drop me a note. It is always helpful if this page remains up to date as much as possible. And it gives us a chance to keep up with boat owners on the Register and Clubs Directory.

Our next event is just a couple of weeks away, the Oxford Open is on SUNDAY the 19th May as Farmoor. If the weather holds this is going to make for a great event, Farmoor is a super stretch of water.