Hunstanton and Stuff

UPDATE – Broxbourne is now added to the series table and a few more photos added to the Broxbourne 2013 Gallery

So, our next event is Hunstanton, on the 3rd-4th August (this coming weekend). Hunstanton is the first weekend of North Norfolk Week, a whole week of sailing different venues along the Norfolk coast and estuarine. A fair few of the Class will sail the whole week and it is becoming something of a LN tradition now.

The are further details on the events page and of course more details about the whole week, on the North Norfolk Week web site, see the link below.


Other News
The website has been very busy, so much so we once again needed to increase our bandwidth limits. The popularly of the website is great, but all the attention does come with a few ‘issues’. We have been suffering from bogus registrations, which don’t really cause a problem as such, but are very irritating in terms of managing the site properly.

These registrations are created by web-bots automatically. They won’t do you any harm, but make user management a bit more difficult for us. In order to stop some of these, I’ve blocked some IP address ranges. This stops the web-bots registering users, but it might also block some genuine users too, which is not the intention. If you have any problems accessing the site please drop me a note and I’ll release the IP address causing the problem.

2013 NATS
We’ve started posting details for the Nats 2013, take a look under the events tab for further details, we have dedicated pages for this event and the AGM which we hold on the Saturday evening after the racing. As you would expect from a Class like ours, it is a very informal and generally enjoyable evening (food and wine are normally involved!!!, well actually less of the food and more of the wine) Anyway, please think about coming along and supporting the Class, views, comments and ideas as always welcome. And we have a few committee places to sort out too.

Broxbourne Results
Broxbourne results and report are now published, just the series table to update now, which we’ll get done asap. In spite of the very light winds the helms sailing this event really enjoyed it and we are already planning to return next year. Broxbourne is becoming another regular venue on our circuit now.

We also have a few photos of the event courtesy of Andrew Gregory, you’ll find them under the Galleries Tab, 2013.