Fishers Green – NOR

Fishers Green – NOR

Rather late I am afraid, but NORs for Fishers Green are now posted up on the events page, with directions and post code to the club.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow, will be a very nice event and the weather is looking okay too.

Apologies, the lack of a NOR has caused some questions about the event’s status.

All is well and Fishers Green are all set for us on Saturday. First race is at 11.00 and the NORs are on the way to us as I write this. I will post them up as soon as I have them.

Holidays, well for the Class anyway, are over and it’s Fishers Green this coming weekend.

Super little club in the Lee Valley, very near Broxbourne and the M25 so easy travelling for many.

All the details are on the Events page here: FISHERS GREEN EVENT

And there is a Forum Thread running as well. Nice little event to get over the Hols and ready for the NATS in a few weeks time.