Lightnings Re-Loved

Hi all and happy New Year. The website has been quite over the Christmas holidays, but I guess everyone has been busy with friends and family, us too.

Anyway, here we are in 2014 with the start of season about 12 weeks away. Before that we have the Dinghy Show of course and remember the season kicks off with a Class Training Day at WhiteFriars SC near Swindon.



Lightnings Re-Loved

So we are going to kick off 2014 with a new Class initiative, Lightnings Re-Loved our new Lightning Refurbishment and Rehoming Initiative for 2014.

Together with John Claridge we are working to promote the boat , especially to those new to the Lightning. While 2013 saw a very active second hand market, the age of second hand boats available makes it difficult people looking for good second-hand boats, so we have started a Lightning Refurbishment and Rehoming Initiative.

These are older boats that the Class has purchased and John has re-furbished to a very good standard. Most importantly the hull will have been checked over and any necessary repairs made, pods fitted and hatches updated etc. The hulls will be checked for water tightness and general condition. The boats will normally be offered with their original rig, again checked and repaired by John as necessary and be sailable as offered, but John will also offer an upgrade service, if someone wants to update the rig or foils etc.

The aim of the initiative is to offer good, builder refurbished boats that can be bought with confidence and on-going support from John. We will be doing this on a not for profit basis as the tax man would have a say if we did otherwise, so the boats will be offered for sale at a price which represents the cost incurred by the Class.

The first of these boats, LN55 is now finished and up on the For Sale page. You can also find an advert for her on John’s website.

We hope this proves to be a helpful and successfully strategy to further promote the Class. If people do find this helpful then we will be on the lookout for more older boats at good prices that can be usefully refurbished by John. If you know of any older boats that we could usefully process this way please get in touch.