Just to get you in the mood

Just to get you in the mood

so, its been a long, long, wet, wet, windy, windy winter. Just to get you back in thge mood for a bit of LN sailing again, We’ve posted up two new photo galleries, both from 2013 and both very different.

Whitefriars was supposed to be – well according to the forecast – a light and sunny day. We have sun okay, but it was joined with a very solid 20-30 mph right across the lake all day. Surprised a few but some really nice sailing with the BM brigade.

The Rum and Mince Pie, saw a super strong turnout, in some of the lightest winds all year, there were times we were on a mill pond, or so it seemed, but just look at all those LNs out there, we really did have a solid crowd out on the water.

With the dinghy show in just two weeks now and then the first outing of the season at Whitefriars on the 5-6th April, I hope we are all raring to go.

Loads for info all over this website about sailing the open series, even more in the forum, which is always very chatty and friendly. If you are considering sailing a few opens, buying a boat and generally thinking about playing around in Lightning’s then do pop by the stand at the dinghy show, there will be plenty of people to answer questions and lots of boats and bits to look at.