Two weeks to go!!!

Two weeks to go!!!

Yep, just a couple of weeks and our new season is under way at Whitefriars.

Quite a lot of activity building up now with boats coming onto the market and boats moving on to new owners. Both LN402 and LN304 have changed hands recently and this weekend we have LN226 and LN275 being added to the For Sale page. I’ll get the adverts for these two posted up tomorrow.

So, Whitefriars in two weeks time, so I hope everyone is raring to go and boats are all dusted off and primed for the season ahead.

Paul has done a super job this year with the programme, with some of the old venue mixed up with some new places to sail. as always we have a good mix of rivers, lakes and a little sea sailing in the calendar.

You can find details of all the venues on the Events Info page here: Events Info Page

Hope to see everyone again at the class training day and the first open event on the 5th and 6th April.