Wow – What a Weekend

Wow – What a Weekend

So, Whitefriars weekend kicks off the season with a bang!!!

Saturday was a really super training day, with twenty boats out on the water we all kept Paul and Rob busy with advice, tips and tricks for getting a Lightning going faster. The weather was kind, starting us off with nice gentle breezes, building to a good solid wind in the afternoon. Practice with the beats, starting and short course racing made for some super learning opportunities with Paul and Robbie on hand to point out the error of our ways. Just to prove the point Paul jumped in Simon’s boat to show us how its done 🙂 First over the line again!!!

Sunday was a different matter wind wise!!! 5 to 30 Kts made for some interesting sailing, but fifteen boats still ventured out to race the first open of 2014.

The strong wind guys really did have their day, with Paul White in first place, Richard Palmer in the number two slot, and Simon Hopkins coming in number three.

We’ll get the full results and a race report up on the events page as soon as we can.

Next event is Oxford on the 3rd May. Another super sail on this huge chunk of water.