The Lord Birkett

“We’re tantalizingly close to gaining ‘Class’ status at this year’s Lord Birkett trophy race – four lightnings currently entered and another waiting to see if we get anymore (I won’t name names but let’s call her, say, ‘Julie’)

Anyway, this event really is one to put on your ‘Must-do’ list…. a weekend in Ullswater amidst incredible scenery, at a supremely friendly club and filled with two days of fantastic sailing and brilliant socials.
It’s not part of the Lightning Traveller series, so no ‘racing’ issues there, just a big adventurous social really – with the chance of a prize at the end.

If you don’t know the routine, the Birkett takes the form of two standard handicap races – one each day (Saturday and Sunday), taking in the full length of the 8 mile lake from the club to one end, down to the other and back to the club – so you’ll end up sailing some 16 or more miles each day. With entries in excess of 200 boats all on the same startline at the same time, the start is certainly interesting to say the least – especially when trying to call ‘starboard!’ on a 25 foot cruiser crewed by gin-swigging, sun-soaking yachties on port.
Don’t let that put you off, though, the Birkett is a brilliant event and really is a celebration of both the water (look up its history) and sailing itself, it’s a veritable festival of sailing featuring everything from sailing canoes to foiling moths and cruisers.

With camping available (Book at time of entry) , food available (Book Saturday meals) and a beer tent with live bands, it’s a weekend not to miss – Sat/Sun 5th & 6th of July.

First race on Saturday isn’t until at least Midday, but many of us go up on the Friday to just prepare a bit and soak up some atmosphere. Food is available on Friday as well, but Saturday’s is essential to book.

Entry is via Sailracer and you can also book your camping and Saturday meals too (Don’t confuse the ‘Birkett Meal’ with the ‘Datchet Barbecue’!)

To enter, go here: (Select the Lightning368 from the ‘Select a class’ dropdown list)

Camping and Saturday meals can also be booked there.

For spectators and SWAGs, why not watch Saturday’s race from the deck of the Ullswater Steamer? – Board the steamer at Pooley Bridge, watch the race start, then follow the boats – with commentary – up to Kalpot Crag and the Birkett-Plaque, all whilst supping a complimentary glass of fizz! On Ullswater, watching some sailing, with fizz? What could be better? – more fizz you say? well, it’s available to purchase onboard 🙂
Book your place on the steamer here (Several of the Lightning groupies already have so you won’t be on your own) The trip lasts about 3hrs and usually gets you back in time to see the first boats finishing – as long as you quick-walk / run back from Pooley Bridge to the club)

There’s a ‘Birkett’ thread running in the LN class forum, so for more info or to let us know you’ve booked in then drop us a line…..who knows, you could become the Inaugural ‘official winner of the LN Lord Birkett class prize!*

*Please note: Chris Abela is the current, unofficial, Birkett-Lightning Champion…not that he’s competitive or anything Emoji
A seriously cracking weekend so get booking now (you have until June 27th to enter online).
It would be fantastic for the Lightnings if we could add to our recently growing profile by gaining ‘Class’ status at this prestigious event.