NATS Update

Well it’s over for another year, but what a super event we had 🙂

Absolutely great weather throughout the weekend, always enough wind to keep everyone moving on Saturday and some really great racing on Sunday in a good steady breeze. Pitsford does make the very best of light to moderate winds and this weekend proved that once again.

24 boats took part, with pretty much everyone sailing all six races. A couple could only make the Saturday or the Sunday, but if there, everyone sailed making for some really first class racing right through the fleet. We had experienced hands and newcomers alike, one of our best NATS for a good while in my opinion.

AGM was the usual lighthearted affair. Simon Hopkins stays as chairman, Emma is taking on the Treasurers role and Jason volunteered to take up the Vice Chair position.

We must also say many thanks to Sue Thomas for many years of sterling service as Treasurer for the CA who stood down this time.

Other News
Boats, we’ve had a real surge in boat sales these last few weeks, both the new designs from John with 402, 415 and 418 all in new hands and all sailing the NATS, and some of the older boats on the For Sale Page moving on to new owners.

One of the key features of the Class is the competitiveness of older boats, which continue to make a great showing in the NATS and other events. New boats are of course very nice, but the older hulls still remain competitive, unlike many other classes. This is a real feature of the Lightning and one the CA and John C, the current builder, strives to maintain.