The Rum and Mince Pie

The Rum and Mince Pie

Hi Folks, we are just a week or so away from our last event of the year now, the Rum and Mince Pie at West Oxford, on the 15 Nov.

This is always a great end to the season and a very social event. For whatever reason it seems to be the event our newbies come along too and try their hand at Class racing for the first time. They all seem to enjoy it and find it all much more relaxed and friendly than expected.

As is now tradition, we are off to the pub for a quick bite to eat and a chat after the racing, Caroline has booked the venue – The Windrush – in nearby Witney again a very informal and friendly affair, sailors, spectators, kids, all welcome.

If you can come along Caroline would appreciate a quick note with numbers so she can keep the pub updated.

Hope to see you there.