Web Site Updates

Web Site Updates

Hi all,

Now the season has finished, we are having to do some updates to the website, which will slightly change its functionality. Most of these changes are quite minor, but one in particular will require a difference in use.

The forum software has had a major upgrade and whilst the forum itself has greater scope and capabilities. The most recent posts no longer appear in the sidebar.

To access the forum you now need to click the button in the main menu. Once on the forum home page, you will see dropdown menu and search fields to navigate your way around the forum and see the latest posts.

By far the quickest way of looking for the latest updates is the dropdown box on the top right-hand side. However you can now also easily search the forum and the advanced search is very easy and effective to use.

Changes have also been made to the access system. All the main menu items will now appear for everyone, but only CA members can actually access the CA Members area.

If anyone has any problems then please drop me an email and I’ll try and sort them out as quickly as I can.