Our History

Our History

Hi Guys,

Well Hibernation nearly over and its getting time to dust off the boats and think about getting out and about again.

I missed the dinghy show, but everyone says it was another super event, with lots of interest on the stand.

The events diary is fully up to date and out first event will be Up River on the 18th, 19th April. The 18th is a training day and the 19th the 1st open of the new season.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of motivation, Caroline has been searching the class archives over the winter. We’ve uploaded two PDF archives looking at the history of the class mostly in pictures. There’s some fasinating pictures from the past, together with early class documents and adverts. I’m sure it will provides a few smiles 🙂

You can find these pdf files at the bottom of this page:-

Class Archives