So Here We Go 2015

Well, winter is behind us again and we are weeks away from the start of the new season. Our first event of 2015 is at Up River YC on the 18th and 19th April 🙂

Saturday is our usual seasonal opener training day, with Paul and Simon on hand to provide some expert advice and coaching to get your season off to a flying start. Sunday you get to put all that coaching into practice with the first open event of 2015.

Camping overnight is available at the club, mostly in the relative comfort of the club house. I’m sure Simon and co will be arranging the usual curry and refreshments, which all goes to help the sailing on Sunday.

As always, our opens are very friendly affairs, newcomers to class racing and open events are always welcome. It really is a very fun and welcoming class in that respect.

Details can be found here: Up River Open