Easter at Up River YC

Well sailing does not get much better than yesterday. Hot, Sunny, a nice force 3 and 6 Lightnings on the water to add to 7 other boats. Easter is one of the few where fast and slow all join in together, but the site of Paul Pelling arriving with his Heron pretty much meant we were all sailing for second place.

Race 1and it was the young guns off the start line first with Matt and Guy Pelling (In Gerry’s LN), leading the charge for the 1 mile short tack down river against the tide. The lasers soon came through and did a horizon job leaving the LN to have their own battle. Simon and Marcu (in Penny’s boat) soon got through Guy and started reeeling Matt in. First mark was Simon, Matt, Marcus by about 50 yards. Crossing the tide proved disaster for Simon who went too early letting the Streaker through and we set of back down river 3 LN attached by a piece of string. Matt got through only to sail too close to the North bank just short of the line letting Simon and Marcus (-2) through by 6 seconds! Close. Handicap not so good, beaten by the Paul in his Heron, 2 Lasers and Streaker for LN 5th,6th,7th and 9th

Race 2 was away on the top of the tide and simon aced the start (if I say so myself) and led at the first mark (thankful Matt had decided women were more important and stayed ashore) , ahead of all the faster boats. Marcus then did the move of the race banging the south bank to sail around everyone into the lead. Eventually the lasers got out of the way and Marcus and Simon had a match race for the rest of race. The result was Simon got starboard about 100yards short of the line then covered to the gun to cross 5 seconds ahead. Close again… handicap, beaten by both herons for 3rd and 4th with Guy in 6th and the Lasers only managing 7th and 8th.

So two more today in slightly less breeze but same sun! And no Paul in his Heron, we can only hope.