Easter at Up River – Pt2

I worked out today why Matt went on the south bank in the first race yesterday. It was so he could sail past the pub where all the pretty girls were!

Overnight was second behind Paul’s Heron with a gaggle just behind all within two points so all to play for.

Race 3 and no Marcus (on call with the big O) but stupidly lent Guy a good sail (which was going to haunt me later in the day, and Paul was there with his Heron). Anyway I had another pretty good start and sailed off onto clean air with only Michael in his Laser for company. Behind Matt and Guy were tooth and nail for the whole race. Michael did horizon job, well he is 8 stone wet in a Laser in a force 2…. wilst I crossed second ahead of a Laser then Matt who had broke clear from Guy on the final leg. But you guessed on handicap first Heron, second Laser then me.

So with Paul deciding he had done enough it was all to play for for second. A first would give me second ahead of Michael on count back but the dying breeze was not a good omen. Guy had a perfect start and led up much of the first beat however I manged to sniggle back and get inside at the first mark. On the run down river I stayed ahead of Guy with Matt closing in to within a few boat lengths of Guy. At that point with the Laser only yards ahead I made the mistake of thinking job done, but the weather gods played their hand. The wind dropped from force 2 to force 0.5 in about 5 minutes and first Guy just sailed right by (well he does have 4 stone on me) and then Matt did the same.

On the run to the finish Matt and I were side by side with Guy 50 yards ahead. And thats when I made my biggest mistake. I sailed to close to the slipway on the North bank yards from the line and yes you guessed it, I hit it, with the rudder popping off and screwed up into the wind. Now for the uber cool move, I leant over and popped it back on then too lazy to turn the boat around sail backwards over the finish line! Result, first Guy, second Matt and because of my rudder antics Michael in his Laser by 14 seconds so a 4th.

So overall had to be content with 3rd behind the Heron and the Laser. Not bad for a fat bloke on lightish winds and how do I love the podded Lightning.