Easter at Up River pt3 – final Installment

Well the 4 race Bank Holiday Cup became a one race showndown. Sunday morning with 18-20mph it was always going to be interesting.

Only 3 boats stuipid/brave enough to go out, Matt and I in the LN and Dave in the Streaker. A sadistic Race Officer (LN sailor) set a beat all the way down River to Stowe post, there was meant to be a reach but it was just a fetch really. This took 38 minutes by my watch when I rounded about 200 yards ahead of Matt (too close). Dave was following on somewhere having discovered a new shallow bit whilst hugging the bank.

As for the bear away at Stowe, it was awwwwwwwwwwsome……. but went too high couldn’t make the corner on port so was thinking of the Gybe 😯 when a gust screwed me into the wind which I quickly turned in to a tack 😆 .

Matt was not so lucky. Having gone low early he was making the corner on Port when the inevitable 30knot gust went through. Matt tried watersking behind the boat on the main sheet for a bit but it is not going to work as a sport and the LN did the most spectacular somersault which Matt had a grandstand view off swimming some 20 yards behind. I think the slap of the sail on the water could be heard back at the club a mile away! Later evidence showed Matt had hit Oyster ledge and the rudder had come off so race over for the day, just Dad to repair before Saturday.

Now peacefully on my own I settled onto the back corner and managed to plane flat out the mile back to the club in about 5 minutes. It was seriously fast. Dave bought the Streaker home about 10 miutes later. RO sensibly called it a day as we had white horse and wind was with tide. When it turned it was going to be silly

Sunday blown out as worse than saturday… So heavy wind training over, boy do my legs ache 😉