The Fickles of Fate

I took absolutely no pleasure from the race win at Portishead at the weekend. I should have as it is a feat I have only achieved once before (at Weston) but I felt as if I had robbed it from Matt.

Matt took the lead at the first mark and sailed away from the rest of us. When we were approachintg the final mark Matt was a good 30 yards ahead and I was in a lufifng duel with Caroline to try (unsuccesfully) to stop her getting water. What simpler than to tack and the short fetch to the line.

Matt tacked then inside me Caroline tacked and when clear I followed. This was when it became apparent there was no wind around the corner as Matt was still there bobbing i the swell of a passing tanker. Seeing no benefit of sitting in both their dirty air I tacked back onto Starboard and sailed (drifted) off for clear air.

As it happened by a total fluke the new wind picked me up first, back onto Port to cross and cover them and tack to cross the line. The drag race behind fell in Caroline’s favour by the tickness of the gel coat on the bow.

So Matt’s first ever open meeting race win at 16 was stolen by his father and the wind gods. I felt as gutted for him as he looked.

To his credit he did not bame me so the drive home was fine and I sure one day soon if he continues to improve at the rate he is going he will soon have that race win and then many more. No waiting 35 years like his dad!