By the power of Erdinger!

Ooh, my head hurts. Really.

“Buy this Eco-Glass for your beer” Said the man. “Only a pound and we knock off 20p each time you refill it”.  Didn’t take long to realise that 5pints pays for the glass….6 puts you in ‘beer-credit’ – on a sunny sunny day and with lots of music & fun at our local (free) music & arts festival, what’s a bloke to do???

Again, poor Emma gets to experience the “Won’t be home late!” delights of: “ive missed my buses and i have no keys for the house…”  as i stumble in, well into ‘beer credit’, regaling tales of dancing to a Rockabilly band called ‘Johnny & the speedos’, of having the taste of burger in my mouth – but with no recollection of eating one…….i think you can picture the scene!

Anyway, after my results in racing yesterday i think i’ll have to do that again!!!

Pursuit started in a very light breeze, but we were moving & i was trying to just stay forward and very still. It worked!  I soon gained the 8mins 26seconds that the Mirror had on me and was actually in the lead for about a milli-second!  Again, my downfall was upwind tactics…..which side? How far before i tack? Could i make sure i bring paracetemol with me next time…..anyway, 409 and i were overhauled by a few boats – but didn’t disgrace ourselves and i was right on the transom of the 4th placed boat (a Solo) as the hooter blew. So, 5th from 17 wasn’t bad today…..leaving Merlin-Rockets, GP14s, Lasers, Stratos’ in our gentle wake.

Back-to-back into Handicap race 1….and what a start!!! If i did nothing else in that race i would be a happy man.  Nailed in right on the committee boat, an absolute hair-breadth from its bow – to applause from the Race Officers and incredulity from my fellow competitors!   The ‘wind’, though, had started to drop…and drop…………and drop some more.  The leaders had driven past just after the top mark on the ‘breeze’ that blew over us, literally, as they rounded. Leaving the rest of the fleet drifting into each other in our attempts to get around the course. From nowhere, i picked up a breath of wind – it only caught me and saw ‘All the Gear’ leap out of the 10+ boat gaggle, bridge the gap to the next bunch and power through to the finish clearing five boats in doing so…ive no idea what i did or where that breeze came from….but it was good enough for another 5th from 17.

Race 2, though, was a different story. Only 5 took the water – just as the breeze started to build and some dark cloud started to form. This was going to be ‘classic’ Manor Park – swirly, gusty, squally……..i don’t do well in that!

So, i struggled (again) upwind, blasted around offwind…..and finished 5th.  However, i wasn’t as far back as i thought and was actually within 30 or so seconds of 3rd on corrected time – so, despite the last place, post-event happiness did replace despair after a while.

Home, then, to a long emma-created job list 🙂

See you all at Combs