John Claridge Boats

John Claridge Boats

John Claridge Boats are based in Lymington and took on the construction of new Lightnings from Mark Giles, the designer of the class and the original builder, in 2009.

John has updated and modernised the boat, whilst staying true to the one design concept. A number of important modifications have already been introduced and most of these can be retrofited to existing boats.

As well as providing new boats, John also offers a repair and modification service, as well as providing class specific replacement parts, including new rudders and centreboards. If you need ANYTHING for your Lightning talk to John, if he hasn’t got it, he knows a man who has.

The list of modifications and options is growing all the time, but include:-

  • The choice of Dacron or a new Mylar sail. Both are class legal and there is also the option of a Dacron storm sail for those really breeze days.
  • A new all Carbon Fibre mast, which is fully interchangable with existing Aluminium masts
  • A new Alloy boom, which can be used in conjunction with the all carbon mast
  • A modification to remove the Thwart and fit a pod for the centre main blocks. This modification also permits the fitting of full length toes straps forward onto the bulkhead. John also puts handles into the cockpit where the Thwart was attached, a very useful addition when capsized.
  • In conjunction with the ‘Pod Mod’ above, new screw type hatch covers can be fitted to the front and rear bulkheads, the rear hatch being new and the front one replacing the existing cover held in place by bungee.
  • The John Claridge Boats Lightning 368 price list is available at his website. Click on the link here to view :- Lightning Price List

Further details can be found here:
John Claridge Boats

John Claridge Boats
25 Woodside Avenue
Hampshire SO41 8FG

07432 859435


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