New SR Rig

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John Claridge has designed and developed a new SR rig setup for the Lightning. The SR rig is like the Laser Radial Rig, with a smaller sail area and a specific mast.

The SR rig is available with new build boats or as a retrofit to existing hulls. It is ideally suited to lighter helms who struggle with a full rig in heavier wind conditions.

The mast is around 18” shorter and so is the Luff. The foot of the sail is the same as the standard rig and uses the standard boom.

John has lengthened the top batten to add more roach, this increases the sail area at the top of the sail slightly, but makes it possible to feather off the sail, in stronger breezes to reduce healing.

Performance details are still to be finalised and included in the Class Rules, but initially there will be no performance handicap (or benefit), using the rig will be at the helms discretion. The same rig must be used throughout any one event, but you can change rig within the series. This is the same as using a storm sail.

We will post more details when John is able to provide them. No doubt there will be comments and questions on the forum.

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