Website Help

Website Help

You’ll find Info Pages, Events Data, Forums, Blogs, Surveys, Quizzes, Comments, Photo Galleries, a Class Calendar and many other useful resources here for those sailing, or thinking about sailing a Lightning. Below are some tips and guides about using the site.

All website facilities are provided under a single log-in process, so you get access to the website, forum, wiki (Class Handbook) and many other things, under this single log-in. Hopefully this makes using these facilities easier and more enjoyable. However you need to register on the site, before you can post in the forum or comment on the blogs, this is mostly an anti-spam measure and allows us to insure web-bots cannot easily register and post spam to the site.

If you are a Class Association (CA) member then you’ll also get access to the CA Members pages, full of useful hints and tips on the boat, repair scheme info and sailing tips. Much of this information has been drawn from the old CA Handbook and the forums. It is current and up to date.


Quick Start When you log-in to the site you will be redirected to the News Updates page, however you can navigate anywhere from here.

You can navigate to your user profile, or your dashboard, using the toolbar that will appear when you log-in as a registered user. To navigate back to the Homepage, just click on the Lightning 368 link, top left. Your dashboard allows you to add comments and do other things around the site. For further help see the info below and the FAQs in the forum.


The menu at the top of all pages provides links to other content, in a dropdown style. Once you move away from the home page, a right-hand sidebar will appear, with more options and information blocks. It is from here you can register and subsequently log-in to the site as well as getting more information about news, updates, forum activity and many other things.



Facilities List

Blogs – These are really just a series of fairly short web pages that are linked together in some way to provide a kind of rolling log. We have used these to provide news updates and a ‘members’ blog for interesting exploits and stories of daring and intrepid adventures in a Lightning, well Lee in a force four anyway!!! Blogs are listed in the right hand sidebar.

Images and Galleries – The image galleries are organised by event under the dropdown menu.

Under the Galleries heading page you’ll also find a page linking to the Class video library, which we have just started to build in YouTube.

Calendar – Under the events tab, you will see an entry for the Class Calendar. This is an interactive calendar and if you open an entry by running the mouse over it, a dialogue box will appear, if you click on it, you will find NORs or Related SI’s if published. We have also included a facility to publish member’s events in the Calendar. Here we can put club events that include any kind of Lightning related involvement such as club series with a good Lightning presence, winter series, open days etc etc. Class Events and Member Events are highlight in different background colours.

Forum – Access to the Forum is include within the main log-in, so once logged into the site you can post in the forum directly, no need to enter a separate log-in. This works the other way as well, log into the forum and you are also logged into the site as well.

The Forum is organised under four main sections, website related info and help, so if you can’t do something on the site, post a question there.

Then there are sections for Class info and issues, events and boats and sailing. Within the main sections posts are organised under threads (topics). Any registered user can start a new topic.

CA Members Pages – The old Class Handbook is now built into the CA member pages. If you are a CA member and have registered on the website, you will be granted access to the CA members pages. A new tab will appear in the top menu when you join this access group. The updated Class Handbook, recent editions of FLASH, detailed sailing advice, boat repairs are all included in this section. CA members also get the facility to comment and post on the CA Members Blog.

Surveys and Quizzes – When you log-in you will find a page titled Surveys under the About Menu Tab. This provides a facility to run surveys, quizzes and polls. Using this facility we’ll are able to get feedback and comment on new ideas and Class developments as well as having some fun with the odd class Quiz.

Comment – On some pages, registered users and CA members have the facility to add comments. These can be additional information, opinion, examples, further help etc etc. You’re not actually editing the page, but adding a comment linked to the page, or post in question and it is very easy to do, just fill in the little web form, if comments are available on the page, they will be at the bottom of the posts, or pages in question.

RSS – If you use RSS then the website provides RSS feeds for pages and blogs, and also comment updates. If you’ve not used RSS before what it provides is a very quick summary of changes on a website, as a list of titles and the couple of lines of the post or page. You can bookmark RSS feeds in your browser and it will update automatically every time you open the page. You can include RSS feeds from many websites in one list, so it provides an update page across any number of websites. We have two RSS feeds available, one for pages and blogs and another for comments. They can be accessed in the right-hand sidebar under User Admin. Click on them and you’ll see what we mean.

Site wide e-mail – Lastly we have site wide e-mail facilities. These are used in the registration process, just to confirm it is a valid registration to help stop spam and webots posting all over the place, you can also automatically recover your password etc.

In addition you can mark forums, blogs and pages to watch or subscribe too. If you do this, you’ll get a little e-mail when someone replies to your posts, or updates a page or blog. This can be very helpful if you regularly check your e-mail, but don’t log into the site every day.



Website Groups

Guest – if you are not registered on the website or don’t log-in, then you will have guest privileges. You can view all the website pages and forum, except the CA members only pages, but you will not be able to post or comment. This is really a spam and webot protection thing. If unregistered users can post or comment, so can spammers and webots and we’ll get in a mess.

Registered – if you register on the website then you can view everything and post in the forums, except the CA members pages . You cannot comment on the blogs and pages, but you will be able to read them.

CA member – If you are a CA Member and are registered on the website, you will be granted CA Member privileges and can read everything, post in the forum, add comments to pages and blogs and post in the CA Members blog.

Administrator – this level is for managing the website and forums and can build and change the pages and general make-up of the website and features. We need administrator level privileges to actually build the website in the first place. However we cannot see your passwords, you can recover these automatically and you will be e-mailed a new password, or we can manually reset a new password and e-mail you manually.

A note on Security – The only personal information held in the website database is your e-mail address and this is needed for registration etc. We of course do not give that to anyone else and it is held securely in our own database. You may of course provide a little more personal information in your user profile, but that is up to you.




Logging-in – You can log-in on any page except the home page. As soon as you move away from the home page a right-hand sidebar will appear. Under the top group of options (User Admin) you will see entries for Registration and Log-in, together with a couple of entries for the RSS feeds and WordPress, the database system we have used to build this website.

When you log-in you will find above the page a grey bar with a dropdown box on the left hand side. These give you access to your Dashboard etc. Click the link and this is where you can manage your registration profile. The features displayed and available will vary depending on your access group.

If you are in the registered group, you will have just your user profile and some selections about updates and news from WordPress (The core database application). If you are in the CA Members group then you will have a comprehensive set of tools to help use the website features.

The Dashboard – is very simple to use, which means it is very very clever. Basically if you can use a word processor, then you can use this, because it is exactly the same, it even has a spell checker option. Here you can use the editor (word processor) to write and publish blog posts, make comments and other good stuff.

It really is very straight forwards and there are help pages built in if you get stuck. More help if needed, is available from me or other committee members, just ask.

The Forum – To post on the forum you must be logged in. Other than that it’s really very straight. You can also set up watches and subscribe to posts in the forums. These send you little e-mails when replies are posted or new topics are added. Very useful to keep an eye on new stuff, or things you have posted. You can turn these on and off at will. In addition the sidebar will display the last five posts in the forum and the latest changes to the website.

In addition there is a trace function at the top, which tells you where you are (which forum you’re in, which topic, which post etc). You can click on this to backtrack.

CA Members Blog – Provides the ability to give CA member input. If you’ve got a good story, comment or info that is more timeless than say using the Forum, then post it in the Blog.

Whether to use the Forum or the Blog is a bit of a decision, but I would say use the forum if you want reasonably quick interaction, replies and further comment, use the Blog for more ‘article’ style info, stories and exploits etc.

Any questions then please just ask, either post in the forum, or drop me an e-mail.