New Sail Cloth

As you are aware, we have been using a Smokey Grey Mylar sail from Banks for the last year or so after the original Brown Mylar became obsolete. At this time the strengthening patches of the sail were modified to create a more ‘modern’ look to the sail. This was for longevity and gave no performance advantage as the panel cut was the same.

Well I am sad to inform you the Smokey Grey has now become obsolete as well!

We have no option but to change cloth again. However the change is only to the colour, which is now Black weave with clear Mylar as on attached photo. The clear Mylar actually making the sail easier to see through. John kindly let me try out the prototype, but as it was F6 I did not use it and now I don’t have a mast either (I managed to break it too).

On a second point Wayne has (or soon will have) taken delivery of the first Radial cut Dacron sail (same cut as the Mylar). Whilst making the Dacron look more Modern it should also increase the life of this sail. At the request of Banks we have therefore made the decision to stop the manufacture of the cross cut Dacron.

Bothe these changes are with immediate effect.

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