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Registering on the Site

Registering gives you access to many more features, allowing you to post in the forum, comment on the blogs and complete the Class Surveys etc.

If you are a Class Association Member, once you are registered your access group will be changed to the CA Members Group and you will be able to access the CA Members pages, add blog posts to the CA members blog and update Club events in the Calendar.  We do this manually so it many take a few hours before your group is changed, you’ll get an e-mail when it is.

It is well worth registering, it takes just a few moments and only requires a name and an e-mail address. These are needed to help prevent spam.

When you register you may like to think about the username you decide to choose. Simple and short are the easiest to remember and type. If you put your boat name or sail number in your username, what happens if you get another boat etc. Changing usernames generally confuses people, at least for a while.

First names, with a little prefix or suffix work quite well, or something simple and relatively timeless like this, but of course you can choose whatever suits.