About the Lightning

Welcome to the Lightning 368 Class Association web site. We hope you  find the information you are looking for and the site interesting  and informative. Our site is updated after each open meeting and often even  more frequently.

The designer and first builder of the Lightning 368 was Mark Giles and his company Giles Reinforced Plastics.

John Claridge has been the sole class builder since 2009 when Mark Giles retired and closed his business.

The latest changes and updates are listed and  referenced on the News Updates tab. Please contact the Web Master  if you have any questions or comments, we are always pleased to  hear from people interested or curious about the Lightning 368 and  the Class Association.

About the Lightning
The Lightning is a small and light weight single hander, which is  competitive and fun to sail. It has a good weight range and can  be competitively sailed by helms from 50 to 90 Kgs. We have a  wide age range sailing the boat and a good number of lady helms  taking part in our Open Series events.

The controls are well laid out along the gunwales with a centre  main and a proper halyard for the sail, meaning it can be lowered  whilst afloat. It has a centreboard rather than a dagger, meaning  it is easier to launch and recover and is not in the way in a small boat.

The Class Association
The Class is very active throughout the UK, we are seeing significant  new interest in the class since the introduction of the Mk3 Lightning in 2018 with the new deck layout.

Our Nationals has maintained a consistent attendance over the years.  Our builder, John Claridge, continues to develop and improve the boat and new orders continue to increase.

The Class Association prides itself on the friendly and open nature  of the Class. We strive to ensure newcomers to sailing, or the Class,  are made welcome and have the support they need to enjoy the boat to the full.

Our open events are for everyone, no matter what standard you are, you will  find just as warm a welcome at the front of the fleet, as at the back and  everywhere in between. We are friendly off the water and understanding on it.  It isn´t necessary to be an expert on the rules, people will help out. We  are all here to enjoy our sailing and racing, in good company, no matter  what standard you are.

If you´re looking to try some Class racing then we are a great place to  start, our friendly and understanding approach, ensures everyone enjoys  the events and it really isn´t as scary as it sounds. Pop along to an event  to see what´s going on and have a chat, you´ll be surprised how easy it  all is. We have a good range of traveller and open events throughout the  year which are increasing well attended.

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We hope you enjoyed your visit here, please contact us if we can help, or if you want to find out more.

John Butler
Lightning 368 Class Association