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Boats for Sale

Okay, we’re back with some excellent boats up for sale again. LN29 has been re-built and is now complete and ready for sailing, a good buy at £750. John is building himself a new boat and has put LN402 up for sale at £3,500. Built in 2010 to the new style layout this is an excellent buy, John was always at the front of the fleet in LN402.

Also for sale from John is LN406 as a hull only. Ideal if you have new or, spare kit and want a new style hull to match. LN406 was another top performer in Caroline’s hands, rarely being out of the prizes.

Full details with photo can be found on the ‘For Sale’ page: HERE

Also for sale on eBay is LN309 which is based down in Plymouth. It is currently progressing under auction and comes complete with combi trailer.

Lightnings Wanted

Once again we have people looking for boats and nothing up on the website for sale, so if you know of any boats that aren’t being used that people might want to sell, get them to drop me a note.

This generally is a busy time of year for boat sales, as we approach the beginning of the new season so it would be good to have options available. Great news for the Class though, Lightning’s are in demand, and fleets are expanding.

By the way (just in case you forgot) it’s subs time again. Just £16.00 gets you full Class Association Membership. Great sailing, super advice and support, the most friendly open events out there, chatty website, Forum, newsletter, e-mail news briefs, a Yearbook, Lee!!!

What fantastic value, please help support the Class you sail and join the CA, it all helps keeping us moving forwards and promoting the Class.