Welcome to another issues of Flashbytes, our e-mail news-brief, the who, what, where from around the Class.

Dec Issue of FLASH

This is just a little taster of the things coming up in the next issue of FLASH, the Class Newsletter, due out later this month. Lots of things to talk about at the moment, including a new rudder blade, the SR Rig and the 2011-2012 events series, so read on.

The Rum and Mince Pie - West Oxford SC

We had an amazingly successful start to the new season with the Rum and Mince Pie meeting at WOSC with twenty boats out on the water and the best turnout for an open event at WOSC all year. The best any other class managed was sixteen. You can read all about it: HERE

The Class Dinner

The Class Dinner was another great success, with twenty two people attending. Everyone had an enjoyable evening, a nice pub meal and a few lemonades. Some headaches were evident the following morning, so all in all another super weekend for the Lightnings.

New Rudder Blade

John Claridge has developed a new, more modern rudder blade for the Lightning, described during testing as - power steering. The new blade is available for an introductory price of £75.00 until the 29th February 2012. There are more details on the web page: HERE

The SR Rig

A new SR Rig is now available, both with new boats and as a retrofit to older boats, The new rig is a Laser style Radial, with a smaller sail on a specifically designed mast, it uses the same boom. Again there are more details on the web site: HERE

2011-2012 Event Series

Our new event schedule is just about finalised and we have posted it up on the website. Also available is a down-loadable year planner in Microsoft .doc format, which you can update with your own events and print as needed. We will update both the schedule and the planner as the last few events are finalised. Full details: HERE

We have included some new venues this year and more two day events to make better use of the travelling. The sea champs are moved to Weston SC on Southampton Water and we have Class Starts on the first weekend of Norfolk week. There are other minor changes, but hopefully this improves our schedule once again.

Boat Insurance

As we are approaching the end of the year, some of us need to renew our boat insurance. Take a look at Noble Marine first as they sponsor our Class with the Inland Championships. Links and details can be found: HERE

Did You Know?

I had a nice note from Anne and Mark Giles. If you were not aware, Mark designed the Lightning. LN 154 was indeed exported to Zimbabwe in 1987, but more boats also went overseas. Some of the boats sold to SilverWings, the British Airways sailing club, also went to foreign parts. I am not exactly sure where, but Anne thinks somewhere in the Caribbean and Mauritius. I wonder if they are still there?

There is more info on all these topics on the website and in the forum and FLASH will include more reviews, comments and advice about these and other aspects of Lightnings and sailing them.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone, looking forward to another successful and enjoyable year for the Lightnings in 2012.